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SCOD's Past Meetings

Past Meetings

For minutes from past Technical Committee meetings, please see the individual Technical Committee web pages.

Review of the 2016 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Baltimore, MD
June 19-23, 2016

Meeting Agenda with Presentations Included

Review of the 2015 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

(Joint Meeting with the TRB Committee on Access Management)

Seattle, WA
September 21-24, 2015
Meeting Agenda

(Presentations from this meeting are not available)

Review of the 2014 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Savannah, GA
June 1-5, 2014

Meeting Agenda with Presentations Included - Updated 7-2-2014

Review of the 2013 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Bozeman, MT
June 2-6, 2013

Meeting Agenda with Presentations Included - Updated 6-27-2013

Review of the 2012 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Portland, ME
June 10-14, 2012

Meeting Agenda
SCOD Business Meeting Agenda
Technical Committee Reports Agenda

List of Meeting Attendees with Email Addresses

Session Presentations:
General Session
Maine Welcome -Van Note
Session 1Jones and Elizer
Session 2 Cota
Session 3 Chandler
Session 4 Penne
Session 5 Smith
Session 6 Tibbetts
Session 6 Tribelhorn
Session 7 Bryant
Session 7 Potts
Session 8 Schroeter
Session 8 Taylor
Session 9 Penney
Session 10 No formal presentation
Session 11 Berends

Regional Questions:
Region 1 Topics of Discussion
Region 2 Leading in Lean Times
Region 3 Breakout Questions
Region 4 Review of 2011 Joint Meeting 

Technical Committee Presentations:
Project Delivery Joint Technical Committee Update
Technical Committee on Cost Estimating Update
Technical Committee on Environmental Design Update
Technical Committee on Geometric Design Update
Technical Committee on Hydrology and Hydraulics Update

Review of the 2011 Joint Design and Right of Way & Utilities Meeting

May 2011
St. Louis, Missouri

Review of the 2010 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Columbia, SC
July 26-29, 2010

Meeting Agenda

SCOD Business Meeting

Strategic Plan

SCOH and SCOD Strategic Plans Discussion
Rick Land, CalTrans: Presentation

Federal News
Jon Obenberger, FHWA: Presentation

Fast-Tracking Projects in South Carolina
John Walsh, SC DOT: Presentation

Applying the Highway Safety Manual in Your State
Tony Laird, WY DOT: Presentation
Jon Nelson, MO DOT: Presentation
Keith Harrison, FHWA: Presentation

Technical Committee on Value Engineering: Update
Wayne Johnson, NC DOT: No Presentation

TRB Design Committee Activities: Update
Brian Ray, Kittelson and Associates: Presentation

Technical Committee on Roadside Safety: Update
Rod Lacy, KS DOT: Presentation

Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP2)
Ingrid Potts, Midwest Research Institute: Presentation

Technical Committee on Hydrology and Hydraulics: Update
Dave Henderson, NC DOT: Presentation

Joint Technical Committee on Pavements: Update
Judy Corley-Lay, NC DOT: Presentation

How Will the New Stormwater Rules Affect You?
Rachel Herbert, EPA-Water Permits Division: Presentation
Jeffrey Shaver, TN DOT: Presentation

Plans for Adapting to Climate Change
Michael Culp, FHWA: Presentation
Jay Bennett, NC DOT: Presentation
Dr. Michael Meyer, Georgia Tech University: Presentation

Ensuring Projects are Livable and Sustainable
Shari Schaftlein, FHWA: Presentation
Erika Rush, Urban Engineers: Presentation

International Scan on Flexible Design Practices: Preliminary Results
Jeff Jones, TN DOT and Mark Doctor, FHWA: Coming Soon

Workforce Development Initiatives
Clark Martin, FHWA: Presentation
Rob Bedenbaugh, SC DOT: Presentation

Alternate Technical Concepts and Other Innovative Contracting Issues
Kathy Harvey, MO DOT: Presentation
Chris Richter, FHWA: Presentation

Review of the 2009 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Indianapolis, IN
July 19-23, 2009

Meeting Agenda:2009 SCOD Agenda.pdf
Bios:Speaker Bios.pdf and Speaker Bios New.pdf
Meeting Minutes:
Minutes, 2009 SCOD Meeting.pdf

SCOD Business Meeting
Strategic Plan: SCOD Strategic Plan with TC Input 7-09.pdf
Resolutions (draft):
Resolution Pipe Task Force REVISED.pdf
Joint Task Force on Pipe Charge Statement.pdf
Resolution TransXML.pdf
McDonnell TransXML.ppt
          Resolution Highway Lighting REVISED.pdf
Proposed Research: Proposed Research, JTC Pavements.pdf
Work Plans: Technical Committee Work Plans 2009.pdf
NCHRP Information:
NCHRP 2010 Funded Projects.pdf
NCHRP 20-7 Funded Proposals FY 2009.pdf
NCHRP Overview (for SCOD) 2009.pdf

Regional Meetings
Region 1 Agenda 2009.pdf
Region 2 Agenda 2009.pdf
Region 2 Agenda Discussion Topics 2009.pdf
Region 3 Agenda 2009.pdf
Region 4 Agenda Discussion Topics 2009.pdf
Notes for Regional Meetings 2009.pdf
Economic Recovery Program Questions.pdf

Executive Council Meeting Agendas
Executive Council Mtg Agendas 2009.pdf

SCOH and AASHTO Strategic Plans
SCOH Strategic Plan Memo to Subcommittees.pdf
Varma SCOH Strategic Plan Update.ppt
AASHTO Strategic Plan as passed 5-18-09.pdf
AASHTO Strategic Plan.ppt

New Ideas in Utility and Railroad Coordination
Shaw Utilities.ppt
Varma Railroad.ppt

Cost Estimating Guide Preview
Tribelhorn TC Cost Estimating.PPT

Geometric Design
Marek Geometric Design.ppt

Roadside Safety
McDonnell Roadside Design Guide and MASH.ppt

Nonmotorized Transportation
Toole Bicycle Guide.ppt

Environmental Design
Harrison TC Enviro Design.ppt

Risk Management for Geometric Design
Shaw Managing Risk.ppt
Todd Geometric Design Risk.ppt
Black Risk Analysis.pdf

What's New in Safety
Sutherland Highway Safety Manual.pdf
Chen IHSDM.pdf

Project Delivery Management Scan
Mroczka Project Delivery Scan.pdf

Indiana Spotlight Project
Kennedy Indiana Spotlight.ppt

Human Factors Guidelines
Campbell Human Factors.ppt

Status Reports
McDonnell TC Elec Egrg Data.ppt
McDonnell Transit Guide Update.ppt 

Review of the 2008 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Albuquerque, NM
July 13-17, 2008

Meeting Agenda:SCOD Agenda 2008 (1Mb, PDF)
Meeting Minutes:Draft Meeting Minutes 2008 (51k, PDF)

SCOD Business Meeting
Strategic Plan (52k, Word)
Resolutions (49k, Word)

Regional Meetings
Region 1 (51k, Word)
Region 2 (98k, Word)
Region 3 (122k, PDF)
Region 4 (55k, Word)

ADA Issues
McClelland, ADA Presentation (325k, PowerPoint)
Struve, ADA Issues (11.2 Mb, PowerPoint)

Authorization of a New Federal Transportation Bill
Horsley, Authorization of Federal Program (745k, PowerPoint)

Complete Streets in Practice
Van Port Fleet, Complete Streets (9.2Mb, PowerPoint)
LaPlante, Complete Streets (13.7Mb, PowerPoint)

Highway Safety Manual
Zegeer, Highway Safety Manual (3.9Mb, PowerPoint)

Hydrology Manual
Fazio, Hydrology Manual (963k, PowerPoint)

Implementing the Transportation Management Plan
Harvey, Transportation Management Plans (2.4Mb, PowerPoint)
Harvey, Traffic Management Plan Executive Summary 01 (14k, PDF)
Harvey, Traffic Management Plan Executive Summary 02 (14k, PDF)
Damron, Transportation Management Plan WZ Manual (1.7Mb, PowerPoint)
Damron, TDOT TMP Workbook (74k, PDF)

Pavement Engineering
Dawood, Strategic Plan for Pavement Engineering II (126k, PowerPoint)

Reducing Engineering Standards: Good or Bad?
O'Hagan, Reducing Engineering Standards (1.6Mb, PowerPoint)
Cote, Reducing Engineering Standards (4Mb, PowerPoint 2007)
Davis, Reducing Engineering Standards (108k, PowerPoint)
Bercich, Reducing Engineering Standards (64k, PDF)

SCOD Vision Task Force
D'Angelo, SCOD Strategic Plan Update (297k, PowerPoint)

Smart Transportation Guidebook
Hare, Smart Transportation (10.3Mb, PowerPoint)

Status Reports on Ongoing Projects
Starnes, SHRP2 Update (1.4Mb, PowerPoint)
Mouer and Sullivan, US Bicycle Route System (14.5 Mb, PowerPoint)
Sullivan, Update Bike Routes AASHTO Fact Sheet (54k, PDF)
Sullivan, USBRS Corridor Map (534k, PDF)
Sullivan, USBRS Designation Flyer (543k, PDF)
Sullivan, USBRS Designation Flyer (back) (1.4Mb, PDF)
Sullivan, Draft Resolution (11k, PDF)

Successes in Reducing Highway Fatalities
Harvey, Successes Reducing Fatalities (9.3Mb, PowerPoint)
Van Port Fleet, Successes Reducing Fatalities (8.8Mb, PowerPoint)
Ojera, Successes Reducing Fatalities (2.2Mb, PowerPoint)

Review of the 2007 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Burlington, VT
June 10-14, 2007

Meeting Agenda:SCOD Agenda 2007.pdf (30k, pdf)
Meeting Minutes:2007 SCOD Meeting Minutes.pdf (77k, Adobe)


Innovative Geometric Design
Kalivoda, Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) Experience in Louisiana (2.14 Mb, pdf)
Bared, Diverging Diamond Interchange (2.44 Mb, pdf)
Bared, Non-Traditional Intersections: Informational Report (3.89 K, pdf)
Rahwanji, Center Turn Overpass (42.7 K, pdf)
Rahwanji, Center Turn Overpass (739 K, pdf)

MoDOT’s Approach to Program Management
Hollingsworth, Rising Construction Costs (800 K, pdf)
Harvey, Project Delivery Improvement Tool (PDIT) - State Experience (2.12 Mb, pdf)

Considerations in Designing for Machine Controlled Equipment
Kennerly, Machine Control Machine Control Grading (2.44 Mb, pdf)
Tometich, Construction: Heavy and Highway Services (4.83 Mb, pdf)

Highway Safety Manual
Zeeger, Overview of the First Edition of the Highway Safety Manual (779 K, pdf)

Technical Committee Reports
Albin, Nonmotorized Transportation (561 K, pdf)
Dawood, Pavements (48.4 K, pdf)
Cota, Roadside Safety (50.8 K, pdf)

Workshop on Context-Sensitive Solutions
Deatrick (2.41 Mb, pdf)

Cross-Cutting Issues
Schmidt, Subcommittee on Right-of-Way and Utitlies (72.2 K, pdf)
Van Port Fleet (1.76 Mb, pdf)

Vermont Spotlight Project
Gozalkowski, Introduction (963 K, pdf)
Gozalkowski (10.8 Mb, pdf)

Status Reports on Ongoing Projects
Buchan, Update of NCHRP Report 350 (275 K, pdf)
Hare, Project Delivery Improvement Tool (PDIT) - Overview (49.9 K, pdf)
Albin, Clear Zone Conflicts in AASHTO Publications (561 K, pdf)

New Ideas in Recruitment and Retention of Engineers
Thakur (382 K, pdf)
Miles (14.7 K, pdf)

Ben Buchan
2214mg2p3 (836 K, avi)
2214mg3aoscut (2.67 Mb, avi)
2214mg220 (754 K, avi)
2214mg220-slow (2 Mb, avi)
2214wb2aos1-comp (3.38 Mb, avi)

Joe Bared
ddi_6lanes_video6_freewy shown (37.5 Mb, avi)
DDI-FRANCE (112 Mb, wmv)
DDI-Pedestrians (19.8 Mb, avi)
displaced left diamond interchange (19.2 Mb, avi)
EastToWest (22.6 Mb, mpg)
SouthToEast (22.8 Mb, mpg)

Tim Tometich
JOPLIN 2 (16.9 Mb, avi) 
race track vis (49.6 Mb, avi)
sim3 (25.4 Mb, avi)


Review of the 2006 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Orlando, FL
June 13-16, 2006

Meeting Agenda:2006 Subcommittee on Design Agenda (192 K, pdf)
Meeting Minutes:2006 Minutes (78k, Adobe)
Candid Photos:Candid Photos 2006 (3.4 Mb, ppt)


Region 1 Meeting
Scott, Non-composite Adjacent Box Beam Bridges
Scott, Roadway Cross Section Design Flexibility

Median Safety and Cable Barrier
Harvey, Missouri's Guard Cable Experience (1.1 Mb, pdf)
Bennett, Cable Barrier (2.2 Mb, pdf)
Cook, Cable Barrier Florida's Turnpike (10.3 Mb, pdf)
Alberson, Guidelines for Cable Barrier (1.2 Mb, pdf)

Roundabouts in the US
Ferguson, Roundabouts (1.8 Mb, pdf)
Penney, Gillis, Traffic Circles in DC (3.1 Mb, pdf)
Rodegerdts, Applying Roundabouts in the US (1.7 Mb, pdf)

Land Use and Transportation
Jackson, Land Use and Transportation (11.1 Mb, pdf)

Status Reports on Ongoing Projects
Albin, Clear Zone in AASHTO Docs (695 K, ppt)
Lord, Highways for LIFE (414 K, ppt)
Brewer, Geom Design Research (78 K, pdf)
McDonnell, AASHTO Report (205 K, ppt)

Luncheon Speaker
Kane, Highway Fatalities (95 K, ppt)

Spotlight Project
Robinson, I-4 Orlando (8.1 Mb, pdf)

Work Zone Issues
Mahoney, Work Zones on High Speed Highways (1.8 Mb, pdf)

ADA and Transportation
Cannon, PROW Draft 2 Overview (1.9 Mb, pdf)
Cannon, PROW Draft 2 Best Practices (2.6 Mb, pdf)
Cannon, PROW Draft 2 Development (613 K, ppt)
Perkins, Florida ADA Update (371 K, ppt)

Highway Safety Manual
Zegeer, Highway Safety Manual

Cost Estimating
Stanley, Florida's Long Range Element (Coming Soon)
Smith, Washington State's CEVP Process (671 K, ppt)
Anderson, Results from NCHRP 8-49 (651 K, ppt)


Review of the 2005 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Chicago, IL
June 26-29, 2005
In conjunction with the TRB International Symposium on Geometric Design (

Meeting Agenda:Agenda SCOD Meeting June 2005.pdf (1.6 Mb Adobe)
Meeting Minutes:Meeting Minutes 2005 (46 Kb Adobe)


Operational Effects of Design
Rodegerdts - NCHRP 3-65 Roundabouts.pdf (324 Kb Adobe)
Potts - NCHRP Project 3-72.pdf (327 Kb Adobe)

Designing for Safety
Buchan - NCHRP 350 Update.pdf (2.0 Mb Adobe)
Albin - Median Barrier Guidelines.pdf (646 Kb Adobe)
Scriba - Work Zone Implementation.pdf (542 Kb Adobe)
Pratt - SCDOT Comprehensive Safety Plan.pdf (366 Kb Adobe)

Land Use and Transportation
Kulash - Beyond Lip Service.pdf (13.4 Mb Adobe)
Penney - Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.pdf (5.5 Mb Adobe)
Garrick - CSS Major Urban Thoroughfares.pdf (2.2 Mb Adobe)

Staying Flexible
McClelland - AASHTO CSS Task Force Update.pdf (109 Kb Adobe)
Heckemeyer - Practical Design.pdf (365 Kb Adobe)
Stamatiadis - Self Explaining Self Enforcing Roads.pdf (855 Kb Adobe)
Albin - Safe Routes to School.pdf (372 Kb Adobe)

McConnell - Pavement Design Guide.pdf (303 Kb Adobe)
Molenaar - 20-7 Design-Build Guide.pdf (308 Kb Adobe)
McDonnell - CSS Web Site.pdf (3.9 Mb Adobe)
Horne - Highways for LIFE.pdf (139 Kb Adobe)
Link to Transportation Oversight Providers Network web site:


Review of the 2004 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Snowbird, UT
June 8-11, 2004
In conjunction with the AASHTO Standing Committee on the Environment

Meeting Minutes (Word, 94K)


Subcommittee on Design Meeting
Design of Work Zones on High Speed Highways, Mahoney, Penn State (2Kb PowerPoint)
AASHTO's New Flexibility Guide, Neuman, CH2M Hill (2.1Mb Adobe)
Hoover Dam Bypass, Hammontree, FHWA (39.8Mb Adobe)
Church Street Extension, Bard, CT (35.5Mb PowerPoint)
Median Crash Prevention, Region 1 Meeting, Eisdorfer, NJ (8.4Mb Adobe)
Design Speed Roundtable, Arkle, AL (3Kb PowerPoint)
Utah Light Rail Project (Roundtable), Davis, UT (4.7Mb Adobe)
Design-Build Technical Committee Report, Blanchard, FL (1.5Mb PowerPoint)
AASHTO Response to Supplemental NPRM on Work Zones, McDonnell, AASHTO (58.5Kb PowerPoint)

SCOE/SCOD Joint Meeting Sessions
Environmental Commitments, Noble, TX (2.5Mb PowerPoint)
Environmental Commitments, Snider, Alberta (v1) (3.6Mb Adobe)
Environmental Commitments, Snider, Alberta (v2) (1.5Mb PowerPoint)
Environmental Commitments, Ivey, NY (6.5Mb PowerPoint)
CAP and Fact, Mettille, KY (5.9Mb Adobe)
Design-Build in South Carolina, Kneece, SC (13.5Mb PowerPoint)
Tacoma Narrows Design-Build Project, Elliot, WA (47.2Mb Adobe)
TREX Project, Walker, CO (10.5Mb PowerPoint)
Stormwater Session Introduction, Linkous, OH (49.5Kb PowerPoint)
Stormwater Management, Linkous, OH (4Kb PowerPoint)
Stormwater Management, Winters, CA (1.5Mb PowerPoint)
Stormwater Compliance, Noble, TX (3.5Mb PowerPoint)
Stormwater Mgmt, Holden, CT (212.5Kb PowerPoint)
Enlibra Principles, Njord, UT (17.5Mb PowerPoint)
Tools Session Intro, Schwartz, CH2M Hill (15.7Mb Adobe)
Biological Analysis Tools, Crist, NatureServe (2.2Mb Adobe)
CSS Successes, Arkle, AL (224.5Kb PowerPoint)
Smart Growth, Biehler, PA (17.1Mb Adobe)

Standing Committee on Environment Meeting
Center for Environmental Excellence, Hoellen, AASHTO (8Kb PowerPoint)
Environmental Prequalifications, Hill, OH (2Kb PowerPoint)
Executive Order 13274 (66.5Kb PowerPoint)
Transportation and Wildlife, White, Defenders of Wildlife (17.5Mb PowerPoint)
NCHRP Project 25-25 Report (37.5Kb Adobe)
Air Quality Conformity, Shrouds, FHWA (109.5Kb PowerPoint)
Environmental Process Subcommittee Activities (1Kb Word)

AASHTO-ACEC-FHWA Meeting on Environmental Documents
Environmental Document Quality, Braceras, UT (4.5Mb PowerPoint)
Washington State's EIS Approach (11.7Mb Adobe)


Review of the 2003 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Boston, MA
June 10-13, 2003

Meeting Minutes (Word, 98K)

Opening Presentation, 25MB, PowerPoint
Overview of AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence, 354K, PowerPoint
Overview and Status of Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Accessible Public Rights-of-Way, 17MB, PowerPoint
Discussion on SCOD Draft Operating Guidelines, 54K, PowerPoint
CSD Efforts in Massachusetts, 2MB, PowerPoint
Overview of Florida DOT's CSD Program, 31MB, PowerPoint
Overview of SafetyAnalyst, 125K, PowerPoint
Update on the Highway Safety Manual, 103K, PowerPoint
Update on the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model, 1MB, PowerPoint
Nevada's Landscape and Aesthetics Master Plan, 19MB, PowerPoint
Update on AASHTO's Technology Implementation Group, 74K, PowerPoint
Status of Work Zone Safety and Mobility Notice of Proposed Rule Making, 488K, PowerPoint
Update on the Joint Task Force on Design Build, 329K, PowerPoint
Update on the Task Force on Hydrology and Hydraulics, 54K, PowerPoint
Update on the Task Force on Preconstruction Engineering Management, 650K, PowerPoint

Roundtable Notes
Roundtable 1C: Value Engineering, 46K, Word
Roundtable 2D: Access Management, alternate version, 26K, Word


Review of the 2002 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Savannah, GA
June 12-14, 2002

Meeting Minutes (pdf, 57K)


Review of the 2001 Subcommittee on Design Meeting

Ypsilanti, MI
June 20-22, 2001

Meeting Minutes (pdf, 41K)


Indianapolis, INJuly 19-23, 2009 Chicago, ILJune 26-29, 2005In conjunction with the TRB International Symposium on Geometric Design () Snowbird, UTJune 8-11, 2004In conjunction with the AASHTO Standing Committee on the Environment