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Roadside Safety

​​Technical Committee on Roadside Safety

Membership List

Objective and Scope
The objective of this technical committee is to provide a focal point and working group that addresses issues related to roadside safety and develops AASHTO policies and guides reflecting current procedures and the latest technology related to errant vehicle safety within the roadside. Responsibilities of the technical committee also include the monitoring and review of statements and publications of other subcommittees to ensure compatibility of information, but not to infringe on their specific areas of responsibility. The technical committee is composed of members from the Subcommittee on Design and one member from each AASHTO region of the Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures.

Strategic P​​lan

​​​The Technical Committee's strategic plan and related appe​ndices were developed in 2015:

Publication Responsibility
The technical committee is responsible for developing and updating the following documents:

Unless otherwise noted, these publications can be purchased from AASHTO's Bookstore.

Meeting Minutes
The following are the official minutes from recent technical committee meetings:



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