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Nonmotorized Transportation

​​​​Joint Technical Committee on Non-Motorized Transportation

Membership List

Full List of State DOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Coordinators

Objective and Scope
To advance the state of the practice in bicycle and pedestrian planning, design, traffic engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and safety within the AASHTO member departments and nationally.

Publication Responsibility
The Joint Technical Committee on Nonmotorized Transportation will have shared responsibility for the following publications with the Technical Committee on Geometric Design and the Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering:

Unless otherwise noted, these publications can be purchased from AASHTO's Bookstore.

New Web Page from the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 6-2016
The Cooperative Research Program’s Report to the AASHTO Technical Committee on Nonmotorized Transportation

Planning for Active Transportation 

NCHRP 803 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Along Existing Roads—ActiveTrans Priority Tool Guidebook

NCHRP 08-36 (Task 120) Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

FHWA Guidance

Seperated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide

Bicylce and Pedestrian Facility Design Flexibility

Meeting Minutes
The following are the official minutes from recent technical committee meetings:

Membership List


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