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NCHRP Full Research Schedule
SCOD Schedule for Submission and Review of NCHRP Full Research Proposals

Below is a schedule for the SCOD process for Technical Committee's submitting NCHRP proposals.  

Date   Who Action Deadline
5/22/2013   AASHTO Liaison Announce NCHRP Submission cycle 5/22/2013
5/22/2013   TC Chairs/Vice Chair Submit Proposals 8/14/2013
8/14/2013   AASHTO Liaison Gather all the Proposals and Provide to EC 8/19/2013
8/19/2013   SCOD EC Review and Rank Proposals 9/10/2013
9/10/2013   AASHTO Liaison Submit Rating Info on Top Proposals 9/10/2013

"Date" when an action begins.
"Who" is the group/person that is responsible for completing an action. 
"Action" is a task or duty. 
"Deadline" is when an action must be completed.