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AASHTO Design Publications

AASHTO Design Publications

The following AASHTO publications are developed and/or updated by the Technical Committees of the Subcommittee on Design. These publications may be purchased at the AASHTO Online Bookstore.

  • Bicycle Facilities, Guide for the Development of, 1999
  • Contracting, Selecting, and Managing Consultants in Preconstruction Engineering, Guide for, 1996
  • Design Standards - Interstate System, A Policy on, 2005
  • Geometric Design for Highways and Streets (Green Book), A Policy on, 2011
  • Geometric Design of Very Low-Volume Local Roads (ADT < 400), Guidelines for, 2001
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Facilities, Guide for, 2004
  • Highway Drainage Guidelines, 2007
  • Model Drainage Manual, 2006
  • Park-and-Ride Facilities, Guide for, 2004
  • Pavement Deflection Data Exchange: Technical Data Guide, 1998
  • Pavement Management Guide, 2000
  • Pavement Structures, AASHTO Guide for Design of, 1993
  • Pavement Structures, Supplement to the Guide for Design of, 1998
  • Pedestrian Facilities, Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of, 2004
  • Preconstruction Engineering Management, AASHTO Guidelines for, 1991
  • Protective Screening of Overpass Structures, Guide for, 1990
  • Rest Areas on Major Arterials and Freeways, Guide for Development of, 2001
  • Roadside Design Guide, 2011
  • Roadway Lighting Design Guide, 2005
  • Traffic Noise, Guide on Evaluation and Abatement of, 1993
  • Transportation Landscape and Environmental Design, Guide for, 1991
  • Utilities Within Freeway Right-of-Way, A Policy on the Accommodation of, 2005
  • Utilities Within Highway Right-of-Way, Guide for Accommodating, 2005